Holt Post Adoption Service Visit

My sister and I visited Holt Post Adoption Services Department again in Seoul, South Korea along with the support of each of our oldest daughters and the guidance of a new friend from the adoption conference. On our first attempt to the office, we were told to come back later because they were busy handling several other appointments made by adoptees. I obliged, but I really wanted to just march downstairs and grab my file before staff could sift through its contents first. Before leaving the building, my sister and I gave the social worker our Korean names and our adoptive name as requested so she could look us up while we were gone. I also knew this would allow the woman time to pull out our file and research for us (or about us). I was already suspicious that she would assemble into the folder only the certain papers she wanted us to see based on past notes left by the previous social worker (as done in 2004 & 2007). I felt a surge of rage growing over the fact that she got to discern what we could and could not see, essentially censoring from us all our papers.
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