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Hi, I'm Janine Myung Ja. I'm the creator of the rEvolutionary Adoptee Collective and co-founder of Adoption Truth & Transparency Worldwide Network. Did you know that for the past four hundred years children have been kidnapped for adoption and processed overseas by the highest of powers? Did you know the demands for domestic and international adoption have been so fierce that children have been taken from uninformed parents (and nation-states) and even abducted off streets? What allows this to continue? The love affair with adoption. Most of us are unaware of everything adoption involves. (And adoption agencies won't tell you this information either.)

When nature is violated it naturally repairs itself. However, when a crisis is not acknowledged (by the people), the devastation will continue. And it has. When adoptees speak about the hidden side of adoption, nature is attempting to repair itself—but most people will call this "being negative" instead of listening to the concerns. Adoptees will continue to vent and rant until we are acknowledged. This is the initial step toward reparation.

The profits from adoption perpetuate a system that pits the top 15% wage earners against the rest of humanity. In other words, adoption depletes families from their most valuable resource: their children. In most nation-states children become the family's welfare system—that’s the law of nature and identity at work. Wiping out the child's true identity—and future access to his or her biological family—has permanently severed the link to potential reunions, thus damages the family tribe's rate of survival.

"Be Best"

The adoption lobby consists of special interest groups who have manipulated the laws to allow them to benefit from permanently separating children from families. The building of the industry began with adoption profiteers and adoptioneers who cleverly enlisted evangelicals, who then enlisted receptive government workers and potential adoptive parents (top 15% of the world's population), who then enlisted "token adoptees" to work within the agency's agenda.

Devout widespread fans and followers have been able to convince uninformed families and nation-states that adoption is "in the child's best interest," a "win-win for all" and that the child is a "gift from God" for paying applicants. These lovely and charitable advertising campaigns have been a powerful force against the family.

In other words, adoption is perfectly justified—if you believe that some people are better than others. As long as the child is sent to a "better" family or a "better" country than adoption is perfectly defensible, right? If you live in this country you're better than the people in that country. Let's just move all the millions of "orphans" to the best country in the world. In other words, "be best."

"If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation." ~Osho

Every excuse in the book has been used to justify the attainment of "adoptable children," to fill the wishes, needs, and demands of paying customers—people profiteers label as "parents" on their application form before the applicants have done anything to earn that title. Anything and everything is used to allow for the adoption floodgates (or bloodgates) to remain open. (God forbid if anyone raises a voice on the system! In years past, adoptioneers have insulted those against the system as "having an infatuation with blood-ties," as being "angry," or just plain "negative.")

Let's just say for hundreds of thousands of years, humanity has been able to sustain itself without the fallible, evangelical, and lucrative system of adoption—a system that alters the person's identity and permanently separates children from their families—even keeps children in the dark long after we reach adulthood.


What now? What can humanity do to stop child trafficking? Curb the appetite. Diminish the demand.

#1) Follow the money. Do not give adoption agencies your hard-earned money. Do not believe the heartfelt images agencies used on their award-winning websites to lore mothers into relinquishment and applicants for their services cleverly used to avoid being accused of buying and selling people. They have an agenda they are trying to fill. (We wouldn't encourage people to amputate their right arm and sell it off as if doing so would be in everyone's best interest, right? But it's okay to do everything in one's power to adopt?)

#2) Stay informed. People adopted both domestically and internationally and some parents of loss have been speaking out against the violations since the inception of the adoption practice. Give consideration to these individuals. Listen to what they have to say about the system. (My research books are intended to help in this department.)

#3) Strength in numbers. Was your adoption ethical? Take the survey, or if you want to help educate the public on the hidden side-effects of adoption, consider submitting an essay to

#4) Be an Expert. I invite you to blog with me at's and "Let's Talk Adoption." Or feel free to volunteer at

NOT ADOPTED? Before you transfer your bank funds to the agency, feel free to ask questions here. We will tell you things the agency won't. Protect yourself. I have heard that adoption today can cost up to $75,000 (depending on the child's race). The agencies might invite you into the adoption culture with their free application. Think twice before you sign the contract. Even the FBI are on alert and have been pursuing child trafficking raids against adoption agencies that look legit on the surface, but separate families behind closed doors.

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